Young driver scheme

Young Driver Scheme

Course for drivers aged between 17 and 25



Young Driver Scheme

Course for younger drivers

The Young Driver Scheme helps drivers to understand the risks, and potential dangers, of their driving decisions.

The scheme offers drivers aged between 17 and 25 an educational course and online e-learning modules, instead of a fine and points on their driving licence.

Why should I attend this Driver Awareness course?

  • Choose a date and time to suit you – evenings and weekends may be available
  • Training in a relaxed environment
  • e-learning element can be completed from home
  • No driving required
  • Book online or by phone
  • Young drivers say they benefit from the experience
  • Avoid fine and points or court

The educational course element is 3 hours long,* and is followed by four e-learning modules to be completed online within 21 days of the course date. Once all e-learning modules have been completed you’ll take a short test. The test must be passed within 30 days of the workshop date. The price varies depending on the location you choose. The course will look to give you:

  • An enhanced understanding of the types of crashes new drivers are involved in and their causation factors
  • A reduced level of crash involvement
  • An understanding of why new drivers are more at risk

The Young Driver Scheme is run in both the Thames Valley and Police Service Northern Ireland force areas. We do offer a selection of venues within each force area to keep travelling distances to a minimum. However, please note that you can only attend a course in the Police force area where your offence took place.

Find out more about the Young Driver Scheme, please see our FAQs page


* The details of your course may differ slightly to those stated here. Please see area specific pages to see which details are applicable to you.

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