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Off road 4x4 driving courses 

Off road 4x4 driver training

Our proven framework of practical and theory based training
programmes are accredited to nationally recognised LANTRA
and RoSPA standards to help you meet “duty of care” obligations
under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998).



Introduction to 4x4 off-road driving: 1 day

This course will be of most value to those with little or no 4x4 driving experience. It’s suitable for business drivers who need to drive off-road occasionally as part of their job, for example, to access remote locations.
It provides basic information, guidance and tuition for those unfamiliar with off-road driving with a clear focus on the principles and practice of driving safely and responsibly in an off-road environment.

Course content

The full-day course emphasises the health and safety aspects of driving off-road and comprises: 

  • An interactive workshop to introduce the types of 4x4 systems available, how to ensure your safety and the safety of others, vehicle and journey preparation and the principles of negotiating typical off-road terrain
  • Demonstrations with a qualified AA DriveTech off-road instructor who will illustrate key principles of off-road driving
  • Practical ‘behind the wheel’ tuition, enabling the delegates to practice the techniques themselves including gradients, slopes, rough terrain, mud and water

Each delegate receives individual feedback on their performance and a certificate if they complete the off-road course successfully.

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Advanced 4x4 off-road driver training: 2 days

Designed for drivers who are required to drive 4x4 vehicles off-road as an integral part of their job, this course provides a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of off-road 4x4 driving, including:

  • Preparing drivers for the challenges and potential dangers of driving off-road, and the strengths and weaknesses of the common types of four wheel drive systems
  • Providing the opportunity to practice off-road driving techniques in a controlled environment
  • Introducing journey planning concepts
  • Reviewing current legislation for driving off-road

If required, a LANTRA Awards or RoSPA certificate of training can be issued on successful completion of the course.

Course Contents

Day 1:

  • Interactive workshop on the types of 4x4 systems available, safety considerations, vehicle and journey preparation, and the principles of negotiating typical off-road terrain
  • Practical off road driving tuition including a short drive with a trainer to assess the driver’s strengths and weaknesses. The trainer will review the driver’s performance, identify opportunities to improve their skill and strengthen their technique
  • Vehicle familiarisation and safety checks
  • Behind the wheel driving practice
  • Evening study and discussion

Day 2:

  • Presentation recap on 4x4 theory and principles
  • Behind the wheel driving practice
  • Individual debrief and assessment

    This course can be tailored to tackle different terrains and surfaces, if required.


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4x4 off-road refresher: 1 day

This course is designed for experienced off-road drivers whose training was some time ago and who want to reassess and update their skills.

It aims to:

  • Bring drivers up to date with modern off-road vehicles, vehicle technology and driving techniques
  • Review recent legislative changes that affect driving off-road
  • Look at the advances in technology, legislation and vehicles and how these changes affect off-road driving techniques

    • An interactive workshop to update 4x4 drivers on the types of 4x4 systems available and refresh their knowledge of safety considerations, vehicle and journey preparation, and the principles of negotiating typical off-road terrain
    • A demonstration drive with a qualified AA DriveTech off-road instructor to evaluate delegate’s off-road driving skills and highlight areas for improvement
    • Practical ‘behind the wheel’ tuition, enabling the delegates to practice the improved techniques

Each delegate receives feedback on their performance.


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Driving on sand and shingle surfaces: 1 day

Course participants are expected to have a basic familiarity with 4x4 vehicles in off-road environments. This course prepares them for driving in coastal and desert areas giving them experience of driving on loose sand and shingle surfaces.

Course Contents

  • Vehicle preparation
  • Surface and terrain assessment
  • Safety checks
  • Loading and stability
  • Off-road driving techniques and practice

This course can be taken as a stand-alone 1 day off-road course or incorporated into the 2 day advanced 4x4 off-road driving course.

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All-Terrain Vehicle driving: 1 or 2 days

This course can be delivered to drivers of "Sit in" and "Sit on" ATV's

The course is suitable for people with, or without, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) driving experience and gives trainees the basic knowledge and skills to drive ATVs safely on both level ground and rough terrain.
The course is LANTRA Award’s accredited and successful delegates can be awarded with the appropriate certificate on successful completion of the course.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to ATV vehicles
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Vehicle familiarisation, pre-start safety checks and procedures
  • Operations planning and safe operation on level ground
  • Operating on slopes and rough terrain
  • Use of ancilary equipment

The course takes 2 days for novice ATV users and 1 day for experienced operators. Delegates who meet the necessary standards can be provided with a LANTRA Award certificate at the end of the course.

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On-road 4x4 driving: 1 day

The course is suitable for people who drive 4x4 vehicles on public roads as part of their job.
The course will introduce the various technologies associated with 4x4 vehicles provide an awareness of their capabilities and develop a basic level of competency of 4x4 driving on tarmac.
At the end of the course, the driver will have an understanding of on road driving techniques and will have practiced when, and where, to utilise the 4x4 systems in an on road environment.

Course Contents

  • Interactive workshop including an introduction to 4x4 technologies, their capabilities and when they should be used.
  • Assessment drive with an experienced AA DriveTech instructor
  • Demonstration drive
  • On-road training drive
  • Evaluation and feedback

At the end of the course, successful delegates will be provided with an AA DriveTech certificate.

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Trailer towing: 1 day

The course aims to give delegates knowledge and practical experience in basic trailer handling and off-road towing techniques. Drivers are expected to be familiar with controlling 4x4 vehicles in off-road environments.
Please note that the course does not replace or substitute for the DSA trailer test.

Course Contents

  • Correct coupling/uncoupling procedure
  • Explanation of legal requirements
  • Carrying out safety checks
  • Understanding loading and stability
  • Surface and terrain assessment
  • Off-road driving techniques
  • Demonstration drive
  • Practice drives laden/unladen

At the end of the course, delegates will be more competent when towing trailers with 4 wheel driver vehicles.

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Winching: 1 or 2 days

This course is aimed at drivers who are likely to encounter severe off-road terrain which may need them to ‘self recover’ using a winch or use a recovery service.
The course is LANTRA Awards accredited and the appropriate certificate can be provided on successful completion.
In addition, it gives drivers the knowledge and skill to use a winch safely in ‘casual’ situations, particularly recovery or self-recovery, where a vehicle has become stuck while travelling off-road.

Course Contents

  • Choice of winch and attachment
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Winching loads and mechanics
  • Planning a recovery
  • Preparation for recovery
  • Implementing recovery
  • LOLER Legislation
  • The course can be run over either 1 day or 2 days depending on the experience of the delegate.

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4x4 off-road in-house instructor training: 5 days

Our in-house instructor course is designed for experienced off-road 4x4 drivers who want to provide off-road 4x4 training to colleagues within their own organisation.
The course is accredited by LANTRA Awards and ROSPA with successfully completing drivers receiving an appropriate certificate to train other employees within their organisation.

The course aims to give delegates a thorough grounding in:

  • 4x4 technology and the types of 4x4 systems available
  • The principles and practice of driving of off-road safely and minimising the potential environmental impact of 4x4 vehicles
  • Legislation relating to off-road driving
  • Off-road driving techniques
  • The knowledge, skills and techniques required to train employees in driving 4x4 vehicles off-road safely

Course Contents

The course combines intensive classroom and practical ‘behind the wheel’ sessions that:

  • Develop and test the driver’s appreciation of 4x4 systems together with implementing well-established driving and journey planning techniques that minimise the risks of off-road driving
  • Equip drivers with effective methods to impart their knowledge to others and get the best from their students in the classroom and in the vehicle
  • Evening study to perfect delivery techniques

Day 1: Interactive workshop, off-road driving assessment, practice and debrief.
Day 2: Presentation skills, consolidation of off-road driving skills, introduction to off-road driving instruction and debrief.
Day 3: Enhanced off-road driving skills and training techniques.
Day 4: Trainer presentation and presentation skills, driving assessments practice and feedback.
Day 5: Theory and practical examination; course summary and feedback.

Each driver receives feedback and guidance throughout the course before a final examination of their ability to train others.

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4x4 driver training map
  1. Ullapool
  2. Inverness
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Bathgate
  5. Hawick
  6. Castle Douglas
  7. Barnard Castle
  8. Bradford
  9. Bilsthorpe
  10. Bala
  11. Bruntingthorpe
  12. Newmarket
  13. Northolt
  14. Shipston on Stour
  15. Hay on Wye
  16. Gloucester
  17. Andover
  18. Mid Devon
  19. Dorchester
  20. Tonbridge


The Federation of Off-Road Training (FORT) has been developed to raise and maintain the standards of off-road driver training delivery above and beyond industry expectations, through a collaboration between AA DriveTech's Specialist and Off-Road Training Division and the British Off-Road Driving Association (BORDA).
Both AA DriveTech and BORDA are committed to delivering the best quality off-road 4x4 training, using handpicked trainers who have passed rigorous checks and Quality Assurance monitoring.  In addition, each trainer has signed up to a Code of Conduct that lists the appropriate behaviour expected of someone delivering high quality, professional 4x4 training to both corporate organisations and private individuals.

Peace of Mind

As a company or individual looking for a training provider of 4x4 off-road training, you can be sure that any trainer signed up to the FORT Codes of Conduct will be amongst the best in the country and will have continuous stringent Quality Monitoring in their training delivery, giving you complete peace of mind that you or your drivers will receive 4x4 training that is both current and delivered in a professional manner by trainers that are passionate about off-road driver training.

Trusted Brands – Trusted Training

If you are looking for 4x4 training, choosing FORT means you will be utilising the services of some of the most trusted organisations in the 4x4 industry and indeed the country. BORDA’s name has been synonymous with off-road driving and training for over 25 years and The AA has been recently voted the UK’s most trusted brand and has been serving the motorist for over 100 years, with AA DriveTech alone training many tens of thousands of drivers per annum.

The collaboration between AA DriveTech and BORDA, through FORT, makes choosing a 4x4 training provider a great deal easier and is clearly a great step forward in raising standards within the 4x4 training industry.

LANTRA Awards are the leading provider of training services to the land based industries. AA DriveTech is an approved training centre and has instructors accredited by LANTRA to train and award certificates in:

  • 4x4 off-road driving
  • 6x6 and All-Terrain Vehicle driving
  • Tractor driving
  • Winching
  • Basic trailer handling
  • Off-road trailer handling

RoSPA is nationally and world recognised as a leading certifier of high quality safety related training. AA DriveTech has instructors accredited by RoSPA to train and award certificates in:

  • On and off–road 4x4 driving
  • Professional off-road 4x4 driving
  • In-house instructor training




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