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Car & Van driver training

AA DriveTech offers a variety of different fleet training courses for car and van drivers – typically, people who drive for work. Our fleet courses are designed to meet the occupational road risk needs both of the driver and the organisation, and cut the costs associated with running a fleet.

Ranging from full-day practical training courses through to on-road assessments, we also offer classroom workshops on different driving topics – for example, safe culture, line manager, speed recognition – as well as a full suite of online training modules (e-learning). AA DriveTech also offers specialist courses – minibus, 4x4 and personal security - for employees driving ‘at work’ in a car or van.

Our on-road training is developed to meet the exact needs of our customers, is offered throughout the UK and aims to minimise occupational road risk and reduce fleet running costs.


Real world combination

This is a ‘safety awareness’ course that will increase a driver’s safety margins, provide awareness of speed limits and compliance, encourage a more pro-active approach behind the wheel and provide a practical update on the Highway Code.

Each driver will have a better understanding of the driving task involved on today’s roads, be better equipped to deal with the pressures and distractions encountered with work-related driving, be more informed and make better driving decisions therefore reducing the driving risk.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

UK familiarisation

This course is designed for drivers who are new to the UK road system. Given the diverse range of road systems around the world, the training is tailored to the precise requirements of the driver. The course assesses the safety margins of each driver and, if required, can be expanded to assist a driver to attain a UK driving licence by taking them through the requirements of the UK Driving Test.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

Speed recognition

This course is designed for those drivers having six or more penalty points on their driving licence for excess speed offences who are at risk of losing their licence through ‘totting up’ or upon conviction at court for speeding.
It tackles the likely causes of speed by raising a driver's awareness of the associated dangers. Drivers are far more likely to conform if they understand the reasoning behind speed limits and how to distinguish between the limits imposed on various roads.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

Post-collision review

This Post-Collision Review course is designed to support any internal investigation following a serious collision involving extensive damage, vehicle write-off or personal injury resulting in lost days of business. This training not only fits in with an organisation’s Health & Safety policy regarding the investigation of an employee injury accident whilst at work, but it is also beneficial to develop a driver’s confidence and to address any driving faults which may have contributed to the collision.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure


This course provides specific on-road driver training to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Using techniques that are endorsed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), this training will assist you in reducing your company’s overall fuel bill. You could make fuel savings of around 10% if these driving techniques are fully adopted.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

This assessment will identify a driver’s exposure to risk by monitoring their skills, their attitude and their behaviour in an on-road environment. This approach can be used instead of online assessments or where a driver has no access to the internet.

• On-road or ‘in vehicle’ training can bring theory to life in a real world situation
• Meets your ‘duty of care’ obligations and supports ‘at risk’ drivers
• Fleet driver training that minimises driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational risk
• Minimises occupational road risk and cost of running a fleet
• Courses are available nationwide

For more information, please see our Driving for Work brochure

Communicating safety messages and improving driver knowledge through fleet risk workshops can be a key component of a successful road risk reduction programme.

Our workshops provide a highly cost effective means of improving driver performance. They also help you to meet your ‘duty of care’ obligations under health and safety regulations and contribute to cost reduction through safer, more efficient driving.

Safe culture workshop

This workshop is designed for all drivers regardless of their experience. It is specifically beneficial for low mileage, ’low risk exposure’ drivers or as a foundation course for practical on-road training.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

Safe culture workshop with Votech

This workshop builds on the standard safe culture workshop by using the Votech voting system which provides interaction for all participants. By facilitating anonymous voting, Votech enables the trainer and the group to see everyone’s overall knowledge and hence deliver truly appropriate training.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

Line managers’ workshop

This workshop gives managers an overview of their responsibilities when running a fleet. It also gives them a greater understanding of their responsibilities surrounding non-compliance with the organisation’s policies.

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

‘Pit stops’

Short, sharp and focused workshops to promote road safety in today’s busy world, we have put together a number of ‘bite size’ road safety presentations. Typically, these are delivered in the reception area of the company and come completely self contained. Each 'Pit stop' lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and can be run several times during the day.

Topics include…
• Drink driving and the morning after
• Speed control
• Fuel saving/ eco driving techniques
• Hazard awareness
• Parking and manoeuvring
• Mobile phones

For more details, see our driving for work brochure

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