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We have designed a commercial training division around specialist skill sets to give our trainers and customers the best possible service. At Drivetech we are committed to delivering the best trainers and the best training solutions. It’s a fantastic team consisting of an amazing community of freelance professionals who all share the same passion for professional development and the highest standards in road safety.

If you are a freelanced Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), or can offer alternative road safety expertise, you may be in a great position to significantly diversify your career by working with Drivetech.

There has never been a more exciting time to get involved!

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and alternative fuels are rapidly changing the way people drive. This may be due to gaps in their knowledge as modern technology rapidly develops, or it can also be the result of changing perceptions as vehicles become more sophisticated and automated. 

Our community of road safety professionals are therefore key in the delivery of our wide range of training solutions that are designed to positively shape attitudes and behaviour, helping people to drive safely and legally, whilst retaining or improving the enjoyment of the driving experience.

Joining the Drivetech community opens the door to continuous professional development, networking opportunities and most of all wide range of work that helps to keep your career interesting and rewarding.

A day in the life of a Drivetech Commercial Fleet Trainer


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The AA Advanced Driving Diploma

Gone are the ‘old school days’ of advanced driving. The AA Advanced Driving Diploma is our contemporary DVSA-approved Advanced Driving Award. We have blended a deep understanding of driver behaviour with consideration given to modern technology and a best practice system of vehicle control, to create an industry standard, offering a qualification worthy of the AA brand.

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Drivetech 3 Star Award in Behavioural Driver Development

Our foundation programme is designed to support ADI’s in gaining the essential knowledge and skills needed to become a fleet trainer. With full DVSA accreditation this course, upon successful completion, entitles ADI’s to apply to be listed on the DVSA voluntary fleet register.

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