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Motorway Speed Awareness

The National Motorway Speed Awareness Course (NMSAC) encourages people to alter their attitudes towards excessive or inappropriate speed

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About the course

The National Motorway Speed Awareness Course encourages people to increase awareness of the new variable speed limits now being introduced throughout the Motorway network. 

Offered as an alternative to a speeding fine and penalty points, the motorway speed awareness course helps drivers to understand why active variable speed limits (as electronically displayed on the overhead gantries and roadside electronic signs) have been introduced with regards road safety and as a way of relieving congestion.

The course lasts 2.5 hours, and the price depends on the venue location you choose.

Please click here for Terms and Conditions.

Why should I attend this course?

Protect your licence

Avoid points and fines by attending

Great feedback from others

90% of attendees rate the course as excellent

Local venues

Venues available throughout England and Northern Ireland

Choose a date that suits

Lots of courses available


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