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Classroom Education of motorists

National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)

The National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme offers education, as opposed to prosecution, for motorists and riders who commit an offence or crash.

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To help you, we've provide a brief description of each NDORS course below. For full details on each course, visit the NDORS website.

National Driver Awareness Course - NDAC: 1 day

  • For motorists who have been involved in a minor collision, where the driving is careless or inconsiderate. 

National Speed Awareness Course - NSAC: 4 hrs

  • For motorists and riders who have committed a speeding offence detected by Automatic Camera Devices and Police Officers. 

National RIDE Course: 5 hrs

  • For motorcyclists whose behaviour has brought them to the attention of the Police.   

National Seat Belt Course - Your Belt Your Life: online and workbook

  • For drivers caught not wearing a seat belt, where there is no exemption.  

Driving 4 CHANGE Course - non collision: 2hrs 15mins

  • For drivers where the police have identified a lack of driving skill for example a lapse of concentration, an error of judgement, a general mistake, or a lack of awareness of the law.

What's Driving Us? Course - non collision: 3hrs 15mins

  • For motorists and riders who have committed a wide range of offences including jumping red lights, aggressive tailgating or crossing solid white lines when overtaking etc.

NSAC 20 (The National Speed Awareness Course for 20 mph Zones and Limits) : 3 hrs

  • For motorists who have committed an offence within a 20mph zone. 

National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC): 3hrs 30mins

  • For motorists driving on motorways, who have been detected exceeding the active variable speed limit either by a police officer or an automated camera device. It also may offered to motorists who have passed through a mandatory Red X lane closure signal or commited an offence on hard shoulders and emergency refuge areas.