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What delegates have told us...

"I would like to offer my thanks for such an excellent course. It at no time felt like a punishment, it was highly informative, thought-provoking and most importantly, effective. I believe I am now twice the driver I was simply from attending. I just wish everyone went through this when they first learn to drive."

"Thank you so much for the course have already used the suggestions given on the course and can see a difference in my control of speed."

"I attended a National Speed Awareness Scheme this afternoon at Burnham Park. I was dreading the course as several people had told me that the afternoon would be long and boring. On the contrary, i found that the whole event was interesting, informative and very well delivered by Roger and Richard. It opened my eyes and made me aware of how complacent i have become after nearly forty years of driving. In my employment i am constantly having to do refresher courses due to new legislations and 'better practise' and if anybody had told me that i should take a refresher driving course i would have scoffed at them, how wrong could i be. Many thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks."

"Just attended a speed awareness course and wanted to say that I found it very useful and it really has made me think about how I drive and in particular my speed. It's really something everyone should go on. The trainers were energetic, knowledgeable and professional to what must be quite a tough crowd. I'm sure that today's course will make me a better driver and I have learnt things that I will always remember when out on the roads as a driver or pedestrian."

"Attended a course in Belfast and want to pass on how these guys made what could have been a very tedious start to a Sunday morning very enjoyable and educational. Wanted to let you know how enjoyable and educating both these guys made the course."

"I attended a course on November 7th and found this to be very informative and it made me more aware of how I will drive in the future, and I would like to thank the instructors for making me feel at ease."

"I’ve just completed a speed awareness course on and although I was thinking oh no this is going to be boring, I have to say it was brilliant, so informative, not boring and I feel I really learnt loads.  So a big thank you guys and it’s a shame that this course isn’t offered as a refresher say every 10 years just to update you on new laws, and signs.  So thank you brilliant job well done!!"