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Fitness & Wellbeing Workshop

The course is designed for professional drivers and employees who wish to gain a better understanding of the effects on a driver’s health and its effect on driving styles and ability.


This course has been designed to give a delegate an understanding of the potential dangers to health and wellbeing associated with driving for a living and what to do in the event of an accident.

Our Approach

Medical conditions and driving
Drivers will be guided through certain types of medical conditions that could potentially stop them from driving or affect them whilst driving.

Sleeping disorders
Drivers will be given an understanding of what sleep disorders are and how to recognise them and why
drivers are more prone to suffering from these conditions.

Under the influence
This refers to any form of substance that can have a negative effect on driving performance. Drink, drugs and prescription medicines will be discussed.

Modern day lifestyles
This covers how hectic modern day life is and how stressful it can become. Diet and exercise play a major factor in combating stress, which will be discussed in detail.

Incident Management
Professional drivers are more likely to come across an incident in the road, which requires them to act, such
as a road traffic incident. What to do but equally what not to do at the scene will be discussed.