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Vision Zero

Would you like to win £5,000 to use towards your road safety project?

DriveTech is focused on road casualty reduction and safer roads. As well as our commercial commitment to help support this, we want to encourage Police Forces and Police Agencies including road safety partnerships to celebrate successes and share best practice.

The awards are to attract entries from “projects, campaigns or other initiatives that have a practical benefit in helping improve road safety with the desire to reduce road deaths in your territory/area of operation significantly”.

£5,000 for the winning entry

£1,500 each for the two runners up

These award funds are intended for a worthy road safety cause or project in your territory/area and not for personal gain or reward.

Judging by an independent panel of road safety experts will be on the definition and deployment of the idea and its measures of success.​

The deadline for submission is Friday 29 November, judging will take place during December, with the announcement of winners in January 2020, and the actual award handover intended for February 2020.

For your chance to win £5,000

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