What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that hold information. The information can be about you, your device and your interaction with web pages and apps. They’re placed or ‘dropped’ on your device when you access websites or use apps on your device. The website or app that placed them there can then retrieve the data they contain. The website or app that first dropped the cookies can also authorise other websites and apps to use them.

Cookie duration

Some cookies only exist for a short period of time and are then automatically deleted by your device. Others last for longer. These are called ‘persistent cookies’, and some exist for years unless manually deleted. These can be used to analyse many site visits over time or customise the content that’s displayed.

First and third-party cookies

Some cookies are set by the website or app you’re visiting. These are called ‘first party’ cookies. Others may be set by a third party when you use a website or app. For example, they could be set by a tool built into the website, or by an advertising network that displays adverts on the site or in the app.

Drivetech and cookies

On this page, we explain how we use cookies. This applies only to websites managed by Drivetech.

Read more about cookies on the site of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (who regulate data usage).

You can also read our Privacy Notices on our website and get in touch with us about privacy, cookies or data protection.

How to control cookies

If you wish, you can change your cookie settings at any time by managing your cookie preferences.

Cookie Preferences

It’s important we tell you about how we use cookies and how you can control them.

You can restrict, remove or block cookies for some areas of our websites using our consent management platform (CMP). It’s provided by a third party called “ihavecookies”. Your cookie consent settings will last for 12 months. After that, we’ll ask you to confirm your cookie preferences again through the CMP.

You can also use your browser settings to manage cookies. They let you restrict, remove or block tracking technologies – including cookies – at any time, for any website. For more information about how to do this, and about cookies in general, visit Your Online Choices. You can also opt out of some advertising-related cookies at  Your Ad Choices, the Network Advertising Initiative and at Google.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience from your visit. They also help certain features to work better. Cookies also let us collect feedback and information about how you’ve used the site – so we can keep improving it for you.

The 2 types of cookie we use on our site:

1. Essential Cookies

These cookies are needed to help the site work. For example, to let you log in or buy online. Without them you might not be able to get the information or service you’ve asked for. We also need them for things like recording when you see an error message. That lets us make improvements and fix bugs.

2. Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies are made up of ‘functional’ and ‘advertising’ cookies. The Functional Cookies allow us to analyse your use of the site to evaluate and improve our performance. They may also be used to provide a better customer experience on this site. The Advertising cookies allow you to share certain pages with social networks, or allow you to post comments on our site.

Drivetech cookie usage


What about links to other websites and their cookies?

We often link to other sites to give you extra information or services. Where a third party provides these, you may leave our website by clicking through to theirs. In this case, the cookie policy set out on the third party’s website will also apply. We won’t control this, so you should read their policy to find out what information they collect and how they use it.