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Health Check

A comprehensive & actionable fleet risk health check for your business

Is your fleet compliant? This is a key question that many organisations face.

Your organisation will probably face a range of work-related driving risks and challenges:

  • Reducing collisions and asset damage
  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Safety of other road users
  • Managing and reducing financial cost
  • Reputational risk
  • Legal compliance and potential consequences of non compliance
  • Environmental impacts

How can you be sure that you are effectively identifying and managing these work-related driving risks and that your fleet is compliant?

An effective Fleet Risk Health Check is the first step in identifying, managing and reducing your exposure to risk and help ensure that your fleet is compliant and that you are meeting your duty of care responsibilities.
Pulse – your Fleet Risk Health Check

This provides a comprehensive and actionable fleet risk health check for your business covering policies, drivers, vehicles and journeys – helping you appreciate where you are currently, and what you might need to prioritise for action.

It’s an ideal way to kickstart a full appraisal of your approach to driver risk, or a means of re-calibrating an existing driver risk programme that has not been reviewed for a significant period.

Key elements

  • Identify and prioritise compliance, duty of care issues and non compliance across key fleet areas - organisation/policies; drivers; vehicles; journey.
  • Comprehensive - covers cars and commercial vehicles to 3.5t plus option for 3.5t+ vehicles
  • Measurable, easily interpretable results (RAG, dashboard) with ‘so what’ inferences
  • Benchmarking of results across eg depots, business units and/or peer groups
  • Recommendations to address specific issues raised which are prioritised, including best practice guidelines, auditable evidence of progress and consequences of non compliance
  • Includes a follow-up health check after 6-12 months to confirm the measurable improvements attained and identify areas still requiring improvement

A trained fleet risk assessor performs a face to face visit to your site(s), highlighting good practice, areas for improvement, and a lot in between – provided in a comprehensive and easy to read report!

Our approach

Pre-visit questionnaire

In advance of the fleet assessors site visit, we ask you to complete a pre-visit questionnaire to provide core and factual details about the business to optimise time and real-time assessments on site

Face-to-face visit

This can of course be single site or multi-site depending on your business scale and operational sites, but allows the assessor to appreciate and understand key areas of the business as regards driver risk and current provisions in place

Written comprehensive report

A comprehensive, but easy to read, report is provided allowing decision-makers to appreciate where there are urgent issues to address, areas for improvement, and of course areas where current practices appear to be good and not in need of any major effort or essential improvement.

Recommended action plan and follow-up

The comprehensive report contains clear guidance on recommended actions and, as part of the package, we include a follow-up visit between 6 and 12 months after the initial health check to check on actions to help maintain momentum and help drive improvements and changes.


PULSE Fleet Risk Health Check

A comprehensive and actionable fleet risk health check for your business covering policies, drivers, vehicles and journeys. It will highlight good practice and areas for action – in particular, where there are indications that you are not conforming to legal requirements. PULSE can help kick-start a new focus on driver risk management in your business or re-start an existing programme that might need checking and re-calibrating to improve momentum and drive new actions to improve safety.

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