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Our fleet risk survey, or audit, provides you with an evaluation of your current fleet risk exposure

Our approach

The journey begins

an audit is carried out face-to-face on your premises, dealing directly with the people responsible for your fleet operations

Minimal disruption

depending on your fleet size, mix and complexity, an audit is typically half a day at your premises interviewing key personnel involved in the day to day running of the fleet

Data gathering

the data and information gathered at the audit are summarised and compared with key performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of your operations and the degree of risk involved

Reporting on information

on completion of the audit, we submit a full report with a list of recommended actions, together with information about other DriveTech services that are available to help you implement any necessary changes


Fleet risk audit

Our audit provides you with an evaluation of your current fleet risk exposure. By examining your existing management practices and procedures, it identifies appropriate systems and solutions to mitigate the risks associated with work-related driving. The audit encompasses all legal, financial and operational issues. It culminates in a detailed report, identifying key risk areas together with best practice recommendations for remedial action where necessary.

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