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Professional Off-Road Training

Practical and theory-based training that improves driving techniques and embraces the latest off-road vehicle technology

Key Features

Meeting your duty of care

Our courses are accredited to nationally recognised standards to fully meet ‘duty of care’ obligations under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998).

Minimising your drivers' risks

Driver training that minimises driver risk, personal injury, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational damage.

Reduce fleet operating costs

Through improved driving skills, lower fuel consumption, reduced insurance premiums and maintenance/repair expenditure.

Better care of the environment

Our off-road training improves driving techniques so there is less damage to the countryside, vehicles and equipment.

Available Courses

DriveTech will help you identify your 4x4 driving risks and recommend the optimum training to build your off-road capability. Our progressive training portfolio includes the following courses:
Courses      Basic Level       Advanced Level    Trainer Level 
Professional 4x4 Off-Road Driver Y Y  
Professional ATV Off-Road User Y Y  
Professional UTV Off-Road User Y Y  
Professional Winch Operator Y Y  
Professional Sand & Shingle Driver   Y  
Professional 4x4 Off-Road In-House Trainer     Y


Off-road driver training in action

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