Benefits of the course

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All your drivers need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with in-built camera and sound, sufficient broadband and non-distracting area from which to take part

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At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Fully appreciate the differences between Electric Motors and Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)
  • See past the myths surrounding ownership of an electric car
  • Fully appreciate how to get the very best out of their specific EV in terms of range and performance
  • Maximise the battery life of their EV, including identifying and reducing ‘battery draining’ factors

About the course

With the clock ticking towards 2030, now is the time to start preparing your drivers who are new to or thinking about switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV).

This workshop is designed specifically for drivers of electric cars. While they are not difficult to drive, there are significant differences when compared to driving a regular car, which runs on diesel or petrol. This workshop helps to bridge that gap so you can be certain that your drivers are confident when behind the wheel of an EV, resulting in them driving safely and getting the most out of their innovative and environmentally friendly vehicle.

We combine vehicle familiarisation with an understanding of how to drive electric, to make your drivers safer and more knowledgeable.

On this course, participants will:

  • Take part in interactive discussions to discuss the history of EVs and the present day terminology
  • Learn about the cost benefits of owning an EV including Benefit in Kind (BIK), Charging Costs, Road Tax and Maintenance
  • Gain a greater appreciation of the positive impacts of driving an EV
  • Learn about the health benefits resulting from driving an EV

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