DriveTech has worked with companies in the passenger transport industry for over 11 years. Our experience in conducting audits and driver quality monitoring means we already have the technical ability and rigorous assessment processes in place.

When the opportunity arose to use our existing expertise to support our customers further by conducting end point assessments for their apprentices, we were pleased to develop an End Point Assessment (often abbreviated to EPA) service for them. We consider ourselves the most experienced bus & coach driver training organisation in the UK that holds this EPA accreditation.

The End Point Assessment (EPA) ensures that the apprentice can do the job they have been trained to do and typically comes at the end of a 12-month programme of ‘on-the-job’ training. The EPA must be carried out by an independent organisation – the employer or training provider cannot assess their own apprentices. DriveTech is ready to work with employers who require an end point assessor for their apprenticeship candidates, and training providers who have contracts for employer’s apprenticeship programmes.

Only organisations on the register of end-point assessment organisations are eligible to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices. Although a number of different people and organisations may be involved in an apprentice’s end-point assessment, only the independent organisation needs to apply to and be listed on the register.

Our End Point Assessment capabilities cover the delivery of the Apprenticeship Standards for the Level 2 Passenger Transport Driver – bus, coach and tram.

The register, and more details on this accreditation, can be found here.

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