Identify compliance & duty of care issues
Across key fleet areas

Comprehensive health check
Covers cars and commercial vehicles to 3.5t plus option for 3.5t+ vehicles

Easily interpretable results – dashboard with clear risk ratings

Benchmarking of results
Across e.g. depots, business units and/or peer groups

Recommendations to address specific issues
In priority order – including best practice guidelines and consequences of non-compliance

Follow-up health check after 6-12 months
To show measurable improvements


Your first phase should always begin with self-evaluation and DriveTech can help you achieve this through our PULSE: Fleet Risk Health Check.

You can begin the process at any time by booking one of our highly trained professionals who will discuss your business operation with you and help you identify any gaps in your driver risk management processes.  You will receive a full report within 10 days of your assessment, that you will find invaluable to help you with your next steps.

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