We strive for our on-road sessions to be informative and helpful, at the same time as being enjoyable and fun – after all, we want you to learn new skills and techniques.

Drivetech offers a range of on-road courses for maximum impact on driver safety and performance. Our courses reinforce the fact drivers not only need to possess the knowledge and skills for driving, but also the ability to self-evaluate how life and work issues can cause a change in their driver behaviour and increase personal risk.

Drivetech is a FORS Associate Member. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter their operations in order to demonstrate best practice. 

All Drivetech courses are designed with the FORS standards in mind.

Our courses are available as either a Half Day on a 1-1 basis or as a Full Day on a 2-1 basis.

Available Courses

Courses Buses Cars & SUVs Coaches E-Scooters Lorries Off-Road Vans & LCVs
EV Familiarisation | On-Road Course

Introductory training session, designed for drivers who are new to, or are thinking of driving an Electric Vehicle (EV). The session is a blend of vehicle familiarisation, safe vehicle operation and efficiency. Read more.

EV Real World Driver | On-Road Course

Understand the unique operation, maintenance & driving strategies required to maximise safety and efficiency of Electric Vehicles (EV). In addition to vehicle familiarisation, this on-road session includes coaching for maximising range, charging strategy & safe operation, ensuring your business & drivers get the most out of these innovative vehicles. Read more.

On-Road High-Performance Driver Development

Helps ensure safe and responsible driving practice by drivers of high performance vehicles.

Parking & Manoeuvring

For any business wanting to reduce damage costs caused in car parks and during slow speed manoeuvring. The aim is to develop driving techniqus to reduce vehicle damage and theft in low speed parking and manoeuvring situations.

Parking & Manoeuvring Solutions

Designed to help reduce damage to vehicles which are parked and left unattended. Also helps with accurate and safe manoeuvring. Designed to be held in a client’s car park.

Personal Driver Coaching

This session examines the impact of a driver’s emotions on driving behaviour. How their thoughts & feelings can impact their driving style & lead to poor decisions & increased risk. Includes coaching and advice for fuel-efficient driving from the Energy Savings Trust.

Post Incident Course

Support an employee following a collision or other incident which may have caused a loss of confidence. The course will pinpoint the primary cause & identify a solution to prevent re-occurrence.

Real World Combination

Understand a driver’s exposure to risk & reduce the likelihood of them being involved in future road incidents. Discuss vehicle technology and how to achieve better fuel-efficiency through driving techniques and improved hazard awareness. Leads with a 2-hour app presentation followed by driving techniques introduced by the Energy Savings Trust.

Real World Driver

Understand a driver’s exposure to risk & reduce the likelihood of them being involved in future road incidents. Discuss vehicle technology, hazard awareness and how to achieve better fuel efficiency through driving techniques certified by the Energy Savings Trust.

Real World In-Vehicle

A driver awareness course which can be delivered whilst the driver is working. It is designed to influence a driver’s attitude and behaviour, and improve competence. It will increase a driver’s safety margins, provide awareness of speed limits and compliance, encourage a more proactive approach behind the wheel and provide a practical update on the Highway Code. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

7 hrs

UK Familiarisation Course

Designed for drivers who are unfamiliar with driving on UK roads. The course recognises the wide range of road systems around the world, so our experienced trainers will tailor the course to each individual.

Professional 4×4 ❘ Familiarisation

To introduce drivers to the handling characteristics and the technology associated with a 4×4 vehicle. The course focuses on the use of 4×4 technology to assist drivers when negotiating normally benign terrain such as roads and tracks that are affected by inclement weather conditions.

Professional 4×4 ❘ Off-Road Driver – Basic

A one-day RoSPA accredited course that provides basic information, guidance and tuition for those unfamiliar with off-road driving. The course focuses on the principles and practice of driving off-road safely. The course emphasises the health and safety aspects of driving off-road.

Professional 4×4 ❘ Off-Road Driver – Advanced

This course follows on from the Professional 4×4 Off-Road Driver – Basic and is also RoSPA-accredited. It provides a progression in the principles and practice of off-road 4×4 driving. The aim is to build on the basic principles by introducing trainees to more challenging terrain, environment and situations throughout the course.

Professional 4×4 ❘ In-House Trainer

Our “In-house” trainer course is designed for experienced off-road 4×4 drivers whose management require off-road 4×4 training to be delivered to other employees within their own organisation, this course does not qualify individuals as independent off-road trainers. The course is accredited by ROSPA, and delegates successfully completing the course will receive the appropriate certification. The qualification lasts for three years, when delegates need to re-qualify.

Professional ATV/UTV ❘ Off-Road User – Basic

The course gives delegate’s the basic knowledge and skills to drive ATVs safely on level ground and rough terrain. The course is suitable for those with or without ATV driving experience and who are required to use ATV or UTVs as part of their daily tasks. The courses are RoSPA-accredited and an appropriate certificate will be provided on successful completion of the course.

Professional ATV/UTV ❘ Off-Road User – Advanced

This course follows on from the basic course allowing trainees to further hone their skills whilst learning new ones on a more challenging terrain with laden machines or machines fitted with ancillary equipment. The course is suitable for those who have passed the basic course. This course is RoSPA-accredited and an appropriate certificate will be provided on successful completion of the course.

Professional ❘ Winch Operator – Basic

The course gives delegates the knowledge and skill to use a winch safely during the course of their work, particularly recovery or self-recovery of a vehicle that has become stuck while travelling off-road. The course emphasises the health and safety aspects of operating winches and using ancillary equipment.

Professional ❘ Winch Operator – Advanced

The second course in this progressive programme, also RoSPA accredited, aims to enhance the skills learnt on the basic course. It will broaden the delegates knowledge of winching theory and allow them to practise on more advanced winch pulls allowing them to use winching equipment to its maximum potential reducing the need to call out professional recovery technicians.

Professional ❘ Sand and Shingle Driver

This RoSPA-accredited course aims to give delegates the knowledge and practical experience to drive safely on sand and shingle surfaces, e.g. those found in coastal areas. This course is seasonal and location dependant, please check with us for availability. This is an ideal course for delegates who need to traverse beaches and foreshores on a regular basis as part of their job.

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