Drivetech strives to make their virtual classroom workshops as enjoyable and fun to the participants as we can. Participant interaction is a key factor to help us to achieve this. We all seem to learn more when we enjoy the topics and the interaction that goes with it. 

Our interactive workshops involves all participants working actively towards a particular learning objective. You will be encouraged to get involved in discussion and in collaborative activities that enable you to explore a specific topic. Participating in such a workshop allows you to reflect on issues and on your own experiences. You analyse, share and enhance your knowledge. Within all of our workshops there is a strong focus on collaboration, sharing ideas and coming up with joint solutions.

Our workshops are a great way of communicating a message to larger group of individuals. Our virtual workshops range from 2 hours in length, all the way through to 7 hours for our Driver CPC workshops. All our Driver CPC courses are JAUPT-approved.

Your training is delivered by properly qualified instructors with real-world experience. We pride ourselves on our workshop material and delivery. We have a multitude of topics to choose from and our workshop can also to tailored to meet your individual company training needs.

Workshops are a cost-effective way to get vital road safety and compliance messages to your workforce and managers.

Workshops Available

Courses Buses Cars & SUVs Coaches E-Scooters Lorries Off-Road Vans & LCVs
All of a Sudden

Examines the circumstances surrounding the most common types of road incidents and crashes. Participants are encouraged to analyse why certain incidents occur from both a driver attitude and behavioural perspective and to take part in a series of accident investigations.

Driving in Mind

Discover the effects of attitudes, thoughts, feelings and emotions on driving behaviour. When negative emotions and feelings are not managed effectively, it can change how you interact with other road users, increase your risk and potentially lead to life-changing incidents.

Line Manager’s Workshop

Provides Line Managers with an understanding of the importance of all staff following the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that statistically reduce the odds of them being involved in incidents and collisions.

Managing Parking Risk

Parking incidents are the most common cause of fleet vehicle damage. This virtual workshop increases awareness of parking issues and establishes a best practice approach to vehicle manoeuvring by teaching your drivers to assess their options when deciding where and how to park. Also focuses on personal safety when leaving and returning to their vehicle.

Safe Culture Workshop

Designed to encourage a safer driving culture throughout any organisation. It aims to reduce drivers’ risks by developing their understanding of key elements of safe driving techniques. It looks at the most common attitude & behaviours that statistically increase the odds of drivers being involved in incidents & collisions.

Smart Motorways

For many of us Smart Motorways are a part of our daily driving routines. It is vital drivers gets to grips with how to use them. This virtual workshop increases awareness of Smart Motorways. It teaches your drivers how to use Smart Motorways for their own safety, and other road users, especially in an emergency. It also explains how the infrastructure and technology works.

Speed Awareness Workshop

Designed for all drivers regardless of experience, particularly those drivers with speeding convictions or evidence to suggest that speeding is a concern within an organisation. Drivers speed for a wide variety of different reasons. This workshop explores the likely causes of speeding by raising the drivers’ awareness of the associated risks.

Pit Stop Workshop

Collection of ‘bite-sized’ tailor-made sessions on a range of driver safety-related topics. The modular approach enables your organisation to choose the specific issues that impact on your employees’ safety when driving for work. Contact us to find out more.

Driver Compliance Workshop

Designed to give a better understanding of the potential legal consequences that a driver faces in their working day. The legislation around operating vehicles in this sector is complex and both company and driver should be aware of the consequences and their associated responsibilities. Suitable for LGV / HGV.

3.5 hrs.

Staying Legal

Designed to inform all HGV drivers of the requirements to remain compliant when driving an HGV commercially on public roads. Aims to raise the overall HGV compliance standards, along with the protection of the actual Operators Licence. Suitable for LGV / HGV.

FORS. 7 hrs.

Daily Vehicle Checks

Intended to give professional drivers a deeper understanding of why vehicle checks are needed and the importance of doing them correctly on a daily basis. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Fitness & Wellbeing Workshop

Intended to give professional drivers an understanding of the potential dangers to health and wellbeing associated with driving for a living, including the effect on driving style and ability, and what to do in the event of an accident. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Professional Driver & the Highway Code Workshop

Designed to provide a deeper understanding of the history of the Highway Code and relevant legislation. Legislation and advice is changing all the time and it is important that professional drivers update themselves on specific points that will affect them in their working day. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Winter Driving Workshop

Professional drivers are expected to be able to drive in all conditions. The risk of incident increases during the winter. This course is designed to give the skills and awareness to reduce this risk during these more dangerous months. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Driving Today Workshop

Workshop designed for professional drivers and employees who drive on a regular basis. Increases awareness of the dangers on the road and how strategies can be implemented to reduce risk. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

7 hrs.

LoCITY Driving Course

Focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning and vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving and alternative fuels. Gives professional drivers the knowledge and skills needed to cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of fleet operations. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

FORS. 7 hrs.

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