Key Features

Meeting your duty of care

Our courses are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations and support ‘at risk’ drivers

Minimising your drivers’ risks

Driver training that minimises driver risk, collision rates, bent metal costs and reputational damage

Training with a name you can trust

Drivetech, part of the AA, offers over 30 years of dedicated driver training expertise

Multiple training methods

Online, on-road, workshop and specialist training available

Driver Training nationwide

Our trainer network is across the UK to ensure we’re always available

Bus drivers play a vital role in the safe transportation of passengers.  As a bus driver, safety is the most important thing to consider. 

They must also obviously be a careful and skilled driver who is able to navigate heavy traffic and make sure the passengers arrive safely. So, responsibility is one of the key words we at Drivetech would use to describe a bus driver.  

At Drivetech we fully understand that there is much more to be a bus driver than just driving. Alongside driving and transporting the public, drivers need to be able to provide excellent customer service and deal with a range of questions and issues with ease. A bus driver must be patient and have a calm level-headed approach in order to deal directly with members of the public and cope with a position that can in some ways be monotonous.

Great bus drivers do not just drive, they care about their passengers and give to them the best experience possible on their journeys.

With many years working in this sector Drivetech is uniquely placed within the driver training industry to provide targeted learning solutions.

Available Courses

Drivetech will help you identify your driving risks and recommend the optimum training. Our training sessions can be based on an individual driver’s needs or an agreed corporate strategy:



We have also identified the requirement in the market for an assessment for drivers of Passenger Carrying Vehicles. Two versions of this assessment have been designed with bus and coach drivers in mind. It also considers if a driver has undertaken any Driver CPC training, and focuses on subjects like keeping your company compliant and passenger safety.

Intended to give professional drivers a deeper understanding of why vehicle checks are needed and the importance of doing them correctly on a daily basis. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

This course is designed for professional drivers and employees, regardless of their experience, who wish to gain a better understanding of the ways stress and various types of addiction affect drivers and their performance. Suitable for LGV / HGV / PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Intended to give professional drivers an understanding of the potential dangers to health and wellbeing associated with driving for a living, including the effect on driving style and ability, and what to do in the event of an accident. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Designed to provide a deeper understanding of the history of the Highway Code and relevant legislation. Legislation and advice is changing all the time and it is important that professional drivers update themselves on specific points that will affect them in their working day. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Professional drivers are expected to be able to drive in all conditions. The risk of incident increases during the winter. This course is designed to give the skills and awareness to reduce this risk during these more dangerous months. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

3.5 hrs.

Workshop designed for professional drivers and employees who drive on a regular basis. Increases awareness of the dangers on the road and how strategies can be implemented to reduce risk. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

7 hrs.

Focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning and vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving and alternative fuels. Gives professional drivers the knowledge and skills needed to cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of fleet operations. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

FORS. 7 hrs.

A driver awareness course which can be delivered whilst the driver is working. It is designed to influence a driver’s attitude and behaviour, and improve competence. It will increase a driver’s safety margins, provide awareness of speed limits and compliance, encourage a more proactive approach behind the wheel and provide a practical update on the Highway Code. Suitable for LGV / HGV & PCV.

7 hrs

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