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Core Management Logistics (CML) - Minimising risk for company car drivers

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To help ensure risk is minimised when driving for work, leading warehouse and logistics expert, CML, has announced that it is sending employees that drive a company car on a DriveTech course, to help improve driver behaviour and reduce running costs.

DriveTech, part of the AA, is one of the UK’s leaders in road risk management and driver training. Its training courses have been designed to ensure that a business’s fleet is driven safely, sustainably and efficiently to help reduce accidents, CO2 emissions and fuel usage. This is achieved by guiding delegates to consider their approach to driving and help keep them as safe as possible when travelling for work.

With more than 90% of road traffic accidents caused by human error, according to DriveTech, CML is committed to ensuring that it provides its employees with all the resources necessary to keep them as safe as possible when travelling for work as Managing Director, Mark Webb, confirms: “Driving for work involves risk, so minimising it means that we are able to drive a better business. The work that we carry out goes beyond that of logistics, and implementing a comprehensive training solution, tailored to the driver and the vehicles used, is not only an example of this but it highlights how important employee safety is to us. In addition to this, by promoting safer driving and improving driver behaviour, we are helping to reduce operating costs including insurance, fuel and service repairs.”

Chris Thornton, Sales Director at DriveTech, commented: “We are delighted that CML as an organisation embraces their duty of care and places a high degree of emphasis on the safety of both their own drivers and that of other public road users. Driving safely and efficiently is a skill for life and we feel sure that the DriveTech training will provide them with a positive and improved safety performance.”

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