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DriveTech launches "Grey Fleet" whitepaper

DriveTech News

DriveTech launches latest Whitepaper – The importance of managing your “grey fleet” and reducing risk
As part of their commitment to reducing driver risk in fleets, DriveTech has just launched its latest
whitepaper “The importance of managing your Grey Fleet and reducing risk”.
Adding to an already growing series of informative whitepapers, DriveTech raise the profile of this often forgotten or overlooked area of driver risk management – the driver that uses his or her own vehicle for business.
Health & Safety law requires that employers show the same duty of care to employees driving their own private vehicles as they do for leased, company-owned or hired vehicles.
Embracing grey fleet drivers into your organisation’s overall driver safety policy is essential: as well as being necessary under motoring law and health & safety legislation, it makes financial sense and it can help to reduce carbon footprint.
Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing, welcomed the paper commenting:
“This new Grey fleet whitepaper complements others in our series including ‘The effect of driver coaching on the bottom line’ and ‘The impact of driver behaviour on vehicle running costs’ – all intended to be useful and practical support to any fleet manager, HR director or other fleet management professional to help inform and steer their policy considerations. Grey fleet still remains an all too often overlooked area, but is nevertheless still critical to the safe and efficient management of an organisation’s drivers.”
To view and download this Whitepaper click here.

For more information about the DriveTech range of UK fleet driver risk management services click here, and use the Contact Us feature on those pages to get in touch and see how we can help you manage the safety and efficiency of your fleet drivers.