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DriveTech raises £3,400 for Road Victims Trust

DriveTech News

Well done to everyone at DriveTech - £3,400 is an incredible amount of money to raise for a small charity like Road Victims Trust. 

Charlie Norman, the new Director of DriveTech, was delighted to present Clair Bradley from Road Victims Trust with the cheque.

DriveTech are proud to support this worthy charity, with the funds helping support the charity's sterling work in supporting the families and loved ones of those who are sadly and tragically killed in road collisions.

A special thank you goes to :

  • Matt Davies for running the Dusseldorf Marathon and raising a whopping £445
  • Colin Paterson, Kate White & Haiden Evans for completing the London NightRider event and collectively raising £1,255

With DriveTech match-funding, this took our total amount to £3,400.

Commenting on DriveTech's efforts, Mark Turner, the Chief Executive at Road Victims Trust said: "I just wanted to personally say thanks to you Colin for your leadership and drive behind the fundraising from DriveTech. Very impressive indeed and we are hugely grateful.

I really appreciate everything you’ve done."

Thanks again to everyone at DriveTech, our friends, family and customers - this wouldn't have been possible without your sporting efforts, and generous donations.