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Important DVLA change to driver licence check processes

DriveTech News

Date posted: 23 April 2018
This communication is important if you undertake your licence checks using driver mandates - regardless of provider.
As part of the DVLA's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes, we want to advise you of a recently notified replacement to their Data Protection Mandate (driver entitlement consent form), and some important consequences of this.
The current D796 consent form (mandate) will be replaced with a new D906 Fair Processing Declaration.
DriveTech are now working to adopt this change and reflect the new D906 form and the new naming conventions within our business to help manage the transition with our customers. As part of this DVLA change, the terms mandate and consent are to be replaced with the new terminology - Fair Processing Declaration and our systems will shortly be changed to conform with this.

This will be reflected across our DriverConsent and other driver mandate services and all new checks will need to be triggered using the new D906 form as soon as we make this available.
Additionally, the DVLA have determined a close-off date of the 25 August 2018 after which all current D796 and DP20 consent forms will expire. This means that new D906 forms will need to be completed for all checks performed after this date realistically this means three years’ worth of driver completions within the first year. Any licence check requests made to us on or after 26 August using a D796 form will be rejected as this will contravene our contractual agreement with the DVLA.
We will provide further information closer to the GDPR deadline and after we have made the necessary changes in our own systems and documentation. Given the highly administrative nature of the resigning of forms exercise, it is our intention to offer to migrate all customers to an online only driver declaration service.
We have been advised by the DVA in Northern Ireland that there are no changes required to their current mandate or process.
If you need more information in the meantime on this change, please email us
A recent Fleet News article is also helpful in framing this development and can be found here: .