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Maxi Group Limited - Driver Risk Management

Case Studies

Maxi Haulage (Maxi) is one of the UK’s top 100 road transport companies, as recognised in the Annual Motor Transport Haulier Review, providing distribution and logistics services throughout the UK and Ireland. Maxi has 10 UK mainland depots including Bellshill, Immingham, Warrington, Wrexham and Warwick. Founded in 1974, the Scottish-based business is still owned by the Atkinson family.

DriveTech first started working with Maxi in 2012. As a beneficiary of Transport for London’s (TfL) Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Maxi received funded Driver CPC workshop training, delivered by DriveTech trainers.

With over 200 drivers working throughout the day and night, operating a varied fleet of over 150 large goods vehicles, Maxi had to focus on achieving full Driver CPC compliance.

After TfL funding stopped in 2013, the relationship developed with DriveTech, who continued to deliver Maxi’s driver trainer programme. In addition, Maxi made the strategic move to enhance their own capability though DriveTech’s ‘train the trainer’ courses.

Today, Maxi adopts a flexible approach to training with the ability to deliver DriveTech courses themselves, in the Midlands and Scotland, saving significant course development costs, while DriveTech continues to deliver the training in Wales and the North.


  • Driver CPC-accredited training courses delivered, including Tachograph and Driver’s Hours, Vehicle Checks, Safe Culture and the Professional Driver & the Highway Code.
  • DriveTech offers over 25 different Driver CPC courses from which to choose
  • Train the trainer courses to enable in-house Driver CPC course delivery
  • Driver CPC courses delivered nationwide; Maxi’s in-house trainers and DriveTech trainers use the same content
  • Courses delivered at weekends and all administration provided by DriveTech

I liked the quality of the courses and the flexibility to train our drivers around the country in a consistent way. The training is delivered professionally and DriveTech’s trainers make the sessions enjoyable and worthwhile. We have a great relationship with the Driver CPC team at DriveTech; the administration is professional and hassle-free. Working together is easy as we sing from the same hymn sheet.

Carl Jeffs, Training Manager,  Maxi Haulage


  • Train the trainer courses enabled both DriveTech & Maxi to deliver courses using the same content ensuring consistency of messages
  • Drivers look forward to the courses and recommend them to their colleagues
  • Variety of courses available ensuring both compliance as well as an enjoyable experience
  • Courses delivered at the weekends to maintain productivity
  • Maxi use DriveTech for the Driver CPC administration allowing Maxi to focus on the training
  • Better  driver  engagement;  drivers  put  at  ease and learn something new at each course through acknowledgement of driving as a profession
  • Quick responses from DriveTech with training, course or admin questions

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