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Online Delegate User Guide - for online National Speed Awareness Course (iNSAC)

Delegate access and user guide

In order to attend the iNSAC course you will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone which must have:
Web camera
Speakers or headphones
Stable internet connection
Sufficient storage available to download the Microsoft Teams app (if not already installed)
Sufficient battery charge for at least 2.5hours and/or a charger immediately available
This course is offered as an alternative to prosecution and must be attended and completed to the satisfaction of trainers. You must ensure you have the correct IT to support the course.

The online courses are being delivered through Microsoft Teams, very similar to Skype, Facetime etc.Teams meetings are best when you join through the Teams app available on iOS, Android and Microsoft

There are two ways you can access Microsoft Teams; either through a Web browser or the Microsoft Teams App

To access via the web browser, simply click the link ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ found in the email confirming the date and time of your course. Microsoft Teams will open in your web browser. Some browsers do not support Microsoft Teams e.g. Safari.
If your browser does not support Microsoft Teams you will be directed to download the app.
The second and recommended method to access the online session, is to download the app
Please follow the instructions below. Please complete this a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the course start time, but ideally at least 24 hours before:
  1. Download and install the Microsoft Teams app for free from your online store:

  • In the App Store (iOS) search Microsoft Teams
  • When you have found the link to the app click GET
  • Click INSTALL
  • Input Apple ID
  • The app will download, this could take some time
  • Click OPEN
  • Exit the app
  • In Google Play (Android) search Microsoft Teams
  • Click INSTALL
  • The app will download, this could take some time
  • Click OPEN
  • Exit the app
  • In Microsoft Store search Microsoft Teams
  • Click Sign in
  • Enter your Microsoft Office email address          
  • Enter your Microsoft Office password
  • Choose ‘Download the Windows app’
  • Click Run
  • Exit the app
  1. Be ready to join the course prior to the start time. Go to the DriveTech meeting invite and click ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’. Use the Microsoft Teams app. Provided you have downloaded and exited the app prior to clicking the link you should have the option to ‘Join as a guest’ or should be transferred directly to the meeting.
  1. Type your name (first name only is preferable but make sure you use a name that you are happy for others to see and the trainers to use). Please be aware that if you already have a Teams account your username will be visible to other attendees – we recommend you sign in as a guest using your first name only.
  1. Click ‘Join as a guest’ or ‘Join now’. Accept requests for audio / video access.
  1. You will be connected to the meeting, and will be advised that someone in the meeting will let you in soon.
  1. The course trainer will be online prior to the course start time and will be ready to welcome you.
  1. You will need a quiet space to take part in the course which will last 2.5 hours. Your attention is required throughout so please ensure there is no background noise such as TV, radio, pets, children that could disturb the course. This cannot be allowed and you may be asked to leave. A 15-minute break will be provided.
  1. Please note, other devices can interfere with the quality of your Wi-Fi and the sound. Ofcom have issued some practical tips for improving your broadband speed
  1. You should try and resolve technical issues well in advance of the course start time, however, if you do encounter any last-minute problems, please call Client Services on 0344 2646323