The stress of everyday life, both work and personal, can often contribute to feeling tense on the road too.

Plenty of time is spent analysing fuel efficiencies and maintenance of vehicles but we often forget the most important element, the driver.

Driving stress is doing much more harm than you think

Commuting by car while stressed can increase the risk of being involved in an accident.

But it gets worse – driving itself can further contribute to stress, causing a detrimental effect on personal health, as well as lowering job and life satisfaction.

Most of us can relate to the feeling of being stuck in traffic and the inability to do anything – even after the traffic light in front of you changes to green. This scenario can hugely elevate stress levels.

2-Hour Driving Stress Workshop by Drivetech

The newest addition to our portfolio of courses is designed to help overcome stressful driving situations by encouraing problem solving, planning and positive reframing of stressors.

We appreciate you and your drivers have busy schedules. The last thing we want to do is cause any additional stress which is why we have designed this workshop to last just 2 hours.

With a recommended 20 people per session, you could potentially arrange for 60 of your company drivers to attend this course in one day.

Please note: we are not medical experts when it comes to stress-related issues but we do have the knowledge and skills to empathise with the stress of driving. As driver trainers we can give practical advice on the cause of stress related-driving. Please be assured that any questions from participants that fall away from our level of competence will be referred to a medically trained person.

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