Colin Paterson

Colin has a breadth of marketing, communications and business development experience across the transport sector including automotive and rail transport, as well as experience in telematics, industrial and business services and not-for-profit.

Colin joined Drivetech in April 2018 and is responsible for communications and marketing – both internal and external – and sees the focus on coaching and training and road safety development as critical to continuous improvement, helping to make our roads safer and freely flowing.

As an Advanced Driver, he appreciates a good acronym when he sees one and in particular loves C.O.A.S.T. from the Drivetech armoury (concentration, observation, anticipation, speed and time) to help remind every driver of the key watchwords to be professional, safe and courteous on the roads. Although living on the fringes of London, he does wonder what happened to giving way at junctions and other fundamentals of The Highway Code.

Every person within the team brings a unique skill to Drivetech

Steve Ryan

Head of Operations (Police)

Leo Taylor

Head of Product Solutions

Jennifer Morris

Head of Commercial Development

Sarah Homer

Head of Finance

Ian Dudley

IT Director

Des Morrison

Director Police & Public Sector Contracts

Nick Butler

Commercial Director

Charlie Norman

Managing Director

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