Tanya Hills

Tanya has been with DriveTech since February 2018 having previously worked for Inchcape Fleet Solutions for five years and prior to that working for The Listening Company for nine years.  Tanya has nearly 20 years’ leadership and operational experience running teams from as small as 120 heads to 1700 heads across multi sites.  Tanya’s passion is seeing people develop and progress through the business and ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Teamwork, empowerment and continuous improvement is key within her role to ensure the customer has the perfect journey.

Tanya spends at least two hours a day on the road and says “sometimes it is beyond belief what I see every single day, people on mobile phones, speeding, cutting in and across people leaving no braking distance, completely oblivious to what could potentially happen.  I totally believe in what we are delivering at DriveTech; I see so many accidents on the road every week and it breaks my heart when you hear the stories from the Road Victims Trust.  I thought I was a sensible, safe driver (after all I have had my two boys in my car for the last 20 years) but until you go through the training you do not realise how easy it is to slip into bad habits.

Every person within the team brings a unique skill to DriveTech

Steve Ryan

Head of Operations (Police)

Leo Taylor

Head of Product Solutions

Oliver Stevenson

Head of Commercial Development

Colin Paterson

Head of Marketing

Sarah Homer

Head of Finance

Ian Dudley

IT Director

Des Morrison

Director Police & Public Sector Contracts

Nick Butler

Commercial Director

Charlie Norman

Managing Director

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