Drivetech, the UK’s leading driver training provider, has launched an informative new whitepaper highlighting the reality of road safety in the UK and more globally. ‘The Global Language of Road Safety and Why it Matters’ provides practical advice for reducing driving risk in a business and insight to inspire widespread thinking about the language used to communicate road safety.

The report comes as part of Drivetech’s continued commitment to providing valuable training to drivers in the UK and within multi-country fleet clients, as well as sharing information on road safety with businesses and individuals. While insight from the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that the incremental increase in road deaths has slowed over the past decade, it is still essential for drivers to remain up-to-date with training, education, technology and legislative changes.

Charlie Norman, managing director at Drivetech, commented: “Road traffic deaths and injuries can be prevented, they are not inevitable. Yet, in the UK alone, there are still in excess of 400 casualties on the roads every day. Reducing these figures requires input from a variety of sources, but there’s a crucial role that business can play. Communicating road safety to employees will have a direct impact on how they behave behind the wheel.

“The fact that, collectively, we can do something about road traffic incidents is extremely inspiring. Our new whitepaper communicates why language is one of the most powerful tools, offering practical advice on what steps you should be taking to help influence positive behaviour and put safety first.”

To download ‘The Global Language of Road Safety and Why it Matters’ whitepaper, click here.

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