We run 9 different education courses for 12 police forces and TfL via online delivery

Courses available


Variety of courses

The courses delivered by Drivetech are educational and non-judgemental in style and purpose. If the subject matter is around a speeding offence, delegates attend a course to understand aspects of road traffic law and best practice driving, especially around the speeds on different roads and why speed limits exist.

Experienced Trainers

We work hard to ensure our trainers are professional, highly qualified and place customer service and satisfaction high on their agendas.

Delegates might often attend reluctantly, awkwardly, and often begrudgingly, but the vast majority leave feeling that it was a truly worthwhile, informative, helpful and behaviour-changing experience.

In accordance with NDORS 

Drivetech delivers these courses under the governance of NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme) – the national scheme that governs driver offender re-education operated by UKROEd (UK Road Offender Education) – and works collaboratively with a large number of Police Forces across the country.

Watch our short video

It explains how we put road safety and people safety at the core of everything we do, making Drivetech a UK leader in the delivery of police-referred driver offender courses.