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Are you prepared for the 2019 Driver CPC Deadline?

DriveTech News

The deadline for PCV drivers has been and gone (September 2018), and the deadline for LGV drivers is fast-approaching. Professional drivers must complete 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years in order to stay qualified. DriveTech are advising employers of LGV drivers that they should now be preparing to update their training before the September 2019 deadline.
Although you could argue it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure their training is up-to-date, we urge employers to take a proactive approach and assume responsibility for booking training for drivers. We recommend choosing the courses that provide the most value to the driver and your business operation.
There will be a last-minute panic. With less than a year to go, there will be a stampede for training places. DriveTech still has limited availability, so don’t leave it too late – book your drivers onto training courses now.
DriveTech offers Driver CPC training nationwide for lorry, bus and coach drivers. More information can be found here, or alternatively download a copy of our new brochure below:

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