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All clear? See and be seen!

Driving Tips

The Facts

  • Approximately 65% of drivers out there on the road have uncorrected eye defects [1]
  • It is estimated that 25% of drivers with eye defects don’t use the eyewear they have been prescribed whilst driving [1]
  • Most drivers are cocooned in their vehicle and rarely think about how they are viewed by other road users
  • Research has proved that we often look but don’t see when driving [2]
  • When stopped at a junction a driver’s brain can be tricked into thinking an approaching cyclist or motor cyclist is in fact a pedestrian because of the similar shape and dimensional profile at a distance [2]
  • One of the most common phrases in insurance claims is “All of a sudden...” [3]
  • Vehicles with only one headlight working can be mistaken for a motor cycle....with disastrous results at a pinch point

The Advice

  1. Have an eye test every two years and use any eyewear prescribed every time you drive
  2. Apply brake lights when stationery. This helps drivers behind spot you earlier and reduces the chance of a rear end shunt
  3. Clean all window glass inside and out every week
  4. Check that all your lights are working correctly every week
  5. Clean wiper blades monthly with newspaper wetted with vinegar. Replace at first sign of deterioration
  6. Always keep your washer bottle filled. It could mean a fine if you don’t
  7. Take special care when exiting junctions. Look all around and use every mirror. Take a final quick look both ways before moving. Be decisive when it’s clear to go
  8. Give other road users more time to see you by proactively changing your road position to maximise your view of them and they of you. If it’s safe to do so, hug the centre line on a left hander and the verge on a right hander
  9. Hanging back from the vehicle in front, particularly if it’s large, also gives you a better view of hazards ahead
  10. Even in a non-company vehicle, where it’s legal to smoke whilst driving, it’s a bad idea. The act of lighting up is distracting; embers and ash dropping is distracting; smoke adheres to the inside of the windscreen
  11. At night avoid being dazzled by not looking directly at the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Instead concentrate on scanning between the kerb and middle distance in your lane
  12. Don’t use high intensity rear fog lights in the rain - they dazzle
  13. Always have sunglasses handy in the winter – occasional low winter sun can be particularly dazzling
  14. Always used dipped headlights [not parking/side lights] in rainy conditions

Sources [1] Specsavers report 2013 [2] TRL Research 2007 [3] ABI, 2009

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