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Close Brothers - Driver Risk Management

Case Studies

Close Brothers is a leading merchant banking group, providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services and security trading. The company employs around 3,000 people, principally in the UK, with nearly 1,000 staff driving for work, of which 60% drive company-leased cars.

The fleet is managed centrally but is run through 20 separate Close Brother’s organisations. The board, through its risk committee, takes its duty of care compliance very seriously. In the last five years, the company has implemented, from scratch, a driver risk and compliance programme for every driver who drives on company business, including staff who drive their own cars for work.

Close Brothers chose DriveTech, due to its track record and robust online portal, FleetRiskManager (FRM). Today, every driver (and nominated partner) has their licence validated against the DVLA database, the results managed within FRM and any ‘issues’ highlighted. Likewise, all at-work drivers undertake an online risk assessment with associated e-learning. Drivers who come out with very high risk exposure and/or more than 6 points on their licence, are automatically offered on-road driver training. In the rare situations, where drivers have more than 9 points, a specialist Speed Recognition Course is offered to demonstrate the driver’s commitment to behaviour change before a possible court appearance. In addition, all private car details and documentation can be logged within the FRM portal.


  • Validation and reporting of driving licences, against the DVLA database, for around 1,000 drivers including grey fleet and employee’s nominated drivers
  • Timing of licence rechecks are made automatically depending on existing number of points
  • Automatically-arranged, on-road driver training for very high risk drivers or employees with more than 6 points on their licence
  • All starters (and leavers) are imported directly by Close Brothers into the FleetRiskManager portal
  • Speed Recognition course specifically for drivers with high number of points due to speeding
  • Private car information and documentation uploaded and stored on FleetRiskManager with update alerts
  • E-consent capability allows paperless, online sign-off of driving licence mandates, reducing admin overheads for driver and company

DriveTech has been instrumental in helping achieve 100% compliance in support of our duty of care responsibilities across the business. Focusing on data quality, we are now able to use one system, FleetRiskManager, so we have all the information we need in one place. The FRM dashboards help on a day-to-day basis, which combined with great customer service from DriveTech, means we are completely in control.

Steve Cuddy, Fleet Manager, Close Brothers


  • 100% duty of care compliance via driving licence checks through DriveTech
  • Zero admin overhead for Close Brothers to train high risk drivers
  • Close Brothers have flexibility to add/edit or remove their own driver data
  • DriveTech trainers provide detailed and insightful feedback on driver reports
  • Reports for board meetings can be easily downloaded from FRM into Microsoft Excel, for example
  • Regular account management and client services interaction with issues resolved quickly and efficiently
  • DriveTech is backed by the AA brand and values


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