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Compass Group - Ensuring driver compliance and safety

Case Studies

DriveTech helps Compass Group gain full overview of ‘at work’ driving community risk and compliance, via its online FleetRiskManager portal. Compass provides contract catering and support services in the UK and Ireland with over 1,600 company car drivers and a significant number of drivers using their own cars for work. There is also a fleet of light commercial vehicles. Compass is committed to delivering a superior service to their customers and consistent duty of care to their ‘at work’ drivers.

"DriveTech really supports Compass’ Fleet Risk programme. We have a great strategic relationship with full involvement at all times. We’ve had great feedback from the drivers and it’s really good to see the FRM reduction in our driver’s risks with risk ratings lowering from red, through to amber, then green as they complete their individual activities."

David Whittal, Director of HSE, ISO and Projects - Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd

The Challenge

Initially, DriveTech was asked by Compass’ Fleet Steering Group to undertake a fleet survey. This report helped Compass to understand their exposure to risk by examining their existing practices and procedures, including all legal, duty of care, financial and operational issues. As a result, a fleet risk programme was implemented. Using DriveTech’s online platform, FleetRiskManager (FRM), Compass has the ability to influence its fleet driving culture by ensuring a suite of online resources are available to drivers. FRM supports and reinforces the company’s belief in risk management by also bringing company car and ‘cash-4- car’ drivers onto the same platform, including ad-hoc and grey fleet drivers. This makes the overall risk position easier to understand and manage. A recent innovation from DriveTech, DriverConsent™, has enabled drivers to give online consent to have their driving licence validated by the DVLA, removing the need for signed paper mandates. This streamlines the driver and company process, considerably reducing the time taken to process a licence check. Compass benefited from the continuous professional support and guidance from DriveTech which has been helpful in extracting the maximum value from the services provided.


The Solution

  • A programme to cover all ‘at work’ drivers, including grey fleet, company car & LCV drivers
  • A fleet risk survey to identify company exposure to risk
  • Driving licence validation using DriverConsent™ to ensure legal drivers
  • Online risk assessment and e-learning to identify driver risk and offer online training
  • On-road, half-day training
  • Coaching to improve driving decisions
  • Access to online platform management system to manage driver community
  • Advice, support, reviews and management information to provide insight

The Benefit

  • A clear, credible and objective risk survey detailing remedial actions.
  • Significant improvement in driver compliance throughout the business as well as ensuring consistent duty of care to employees
  • Greatly reduced time and overhead costs for processing a licence check for each driver, compared with paper mandates
  • Relevant and appropriate driver training matching an individual driver’s needs 
  • Information is held on all ‘at work’ drivers in one place giving the company greater control and new insights


Areas of Fleet Risk identified

Improved driver compliance

Reduced compliance overheads

Better Driving decisions post-training

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