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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Last updated on Thursday 26th March - 18.30hrs
IMPORTANT UPDATE – Police-referred driver training courses are now being moved from physical venue attendance to online participation

Police-Referred Courses
Following the UKROEd* decision on the afternoon of 19th March, driver offender courses at physical venues from Friday 20th March have been postponed until further notice. DriveTech are now moving to online participation from Friday 27th March.

This is to immediately protect delegates (and trainers) from the risk of COVID-19, but to continue to uphold our commitment to road safety and driver education.

DriveTech is monitoring the rapidly-changing situation with COVID-19 and we would like to reassure you that we continue to follow the latest Government Advice as well as ensuring our actions are consistent with NPCC (The National Police Chiefs Council)  and NDORS/UKROEd (*the administrative and governing body that controls national police referred driver offender courses in the UK).

We are obliged to remind delegates that this is part of a judicial process – and the current Police offer of an educational course is as an alternative to points and/or a fine, or an attendance in court. In this regard, we are a service provider on behalf of Police Forces and conform to their legal precedent and rules – these of course may be subject to change based on the challenges we all are facing regarding COVID-19 but our responses must be conducted in a controlled and regulated manner.

(*UKROEd - the UK governing body for police-referred driver offender courses – ).
Online replacement to venue attendance – priority to most immediate-need delegates
DriveTech have been working quickly to re-arrange and restructure our current venue-based courses to allow equivalents to be offered to delegates online – this work is being completed in conjunction with UKROEd who control the content of any course delivery to ensure consistency across the UK.

We now have an online solution that will allow current delegates to participate on a web-based education course using a video conference (or “online classroom” type) facility.

Our priority will be to address the needs of delegates who have already booked and are close to their ‘critical date’ (the date by which the Police stipulate you must have taken your course). We will pro-actively contact these delegates on a rolling priority basis.

For all delegates currently booked on a physical venue attendance course somewhere in the UK, this will mean re-booking online again with DriveTech to attend an alternative online course. This is because the ratio of trainers to delegates on an online course will change, as will the course duration, and we cannot match your current planned date and time of the originally scheduled venue attendance.

We are communicating directly with delegates booked to attend by text and email or phone, and will explain the specific requirements and remote facilities required including laptop, tablet or smartphone with in-built camera and sound, sufficient broadband (or as a secondary option, a reliable wi-fi connection) and non-distracting area from which to take part.

Please avoid calling us if at all possible, the police call centre continues to be abnormally busy - if you have a booking, we will contact you directly, prioritising in date and most importantly “critical date”, order.

Please visit this additional page on this website here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Please visit this page for our Delegate User Guide here - instructions on how to access the courses online.

Fleet Business Driver Training
We are endeavouring to run our Fleet On-Road Courses for essential workers (for example in the supermarket home delivery sector where new driver training and up-skilling is critical) where this is supporting essential services across the country. Workshops are affected and we are not running these currently and understandably based on social distancing stipulations. However with the regular and escalating guidance from the government, this is by definition challenging. We appreciate these are unprecedented times and you may need to adapt your own training schedules.

If you need to discuss your fleet driver booking, please make contact with our Fleet Bookings Team.