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DriveTech 4x4 Driver Training Accreditation Achieved

DriveTech News

DriveTech (UK) Limited is delighted to have achieved re-accreditation from ROSPA for its range of professional 4x4 and off-road training courses.
Valid for a further three years, this accreditation is a great recognition for the work that DriveTech continues to provide in practical and theory-based 4x4 training that helps to improve driving techniques and embraces the latest off-road vehicle technology.
The comprehensive and progressive DriveTech off-road portfolio:

Courses      Basic Level       Advanced Level    Trainer Level 
Professional 4x4 Familiarisation Y*    
Professional 4x4 Off-Road Driver Y* Y*  
Professional ATV Off-Road User Y*  
Professional UTV Off-Road User Y*  
Professional Winch Operator Y* Y*  
Professional Sand & Shingle Driver   Y*  
Professional 4x4 Off-Road In-House Trainer       Y*


These 4x4 courses, as for the rest of the DriveTech portfolio of on road courses, help to provide employers with a duty of care for their drivers, minimise in-vehicle risk and risk to others in proximity, help reduce operating costs and offer more considerate care for the environment in which these vehicles are typically used.
More details on the DriveTech 4x4 training portfolio, including an introductory video can be found on the website here:
Commenting on their recent 4x4 driver training experience DriveTech customer, the East West Rail Alliance, commented:
"East West Rail Alliance recognises that, for many people, driving is potentially the most dangerous work-related activity that they undertake. For that very reason the Alliance has partnered with DriveTech to help deliver its ‘Management of Road Risk Programme’. A key component of this programme is Off-Road training and the first group of Alliance staff successfully attended the DriveTech ‘Professional 4x4 Off-Road Driver – Basic’ courses in January 2019 at Nuneham Park, Oxon.
For a course to be successful it needs to be cost effective, engaging & relevant to the audience – it is a credit to DriveTech that their instructors showed real dedication in their role & were able to be adaptive in the presentation of the classroom theory sessions and the practical off-road training to ensure every Alliance participant maximised their personal learning experience on the day. I have no hesitation in recommending the DriveTech Professional 4x4 Off-Road Course Portfolio to others."


DriveTech 4x4 Driver Training Accreditation Achieved

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

June 2019

"The author, on behalf of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, is pleased to recommend Accreditation based on the overall grading of 4 for the above courses delivered by DriveTech. The courses worked well in reducing the risk of driving 4x4 Off Road and Winching in the United Kingdom and was delivered to a high standard. The author would like to congratulate DriveTech on the many improvements it has introduced from the recommendations made in previous accreditation report 3 years ago."