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DriveTech delighted to commence 2019 with a charity donation to the Road Victims Trust

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DriveTech, part of the AA and focussed on driver training and fleet risk management, are delighted to be donating their staff Christmas fundraising to a very valid and worthwhile charity - The Road Victims Trust.

As part of DriveTech’s build up to the Christmas festive break, staff took part in an annual internal charity fundraiser consisting of fun quizzes, the wearing of festive jumpers, bingo and much more! The internal fun raised £260 and with a commitment to road safety and driver training, there seemed no better, or more relevant, charity than the Road Victims Trust to benefit.
FINAL2-(1).jpgThe Road Victims Trust works in partnership with the police and HM Coroners, taking over from them to support the bereaved and anyone else who is affected by a road death in the counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire (with the possibility of telephone support in other areas of the country).

They recognise that families and loved ones go through a wide span of emotions including shock,
disbelief, pain, anger, horror and, most understandably, a sense of utter devastation. The Road Victims Trust supports and guides families through this grief and enables loved ones to make practical decisions in the immediate aftermath.
Commenting on this early 2019 donation, Mark Turner, CEO at the Road Victims Trust said:
“We are eternally grateful to our supporters, and donations from commercial organisations are always welcomed to help sustain the work we dedicate to support grieving families and loved ones, as with this very kind gift from our friends at DriveTech.”

Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing, at DriveTech added:
“The commitment that the Road Victims Trust makes in this really emotional and traumatic situation is tremendous and we are keen to encourage their sterling and necessary work. We’d love to see zero road deaths, and our work is very much dedicated to road safety and improving driver behaviour towards this goal. What the Road Victims Trust deliver in relation to the tragic consequences of road death is truly awe-inspiring. We are pleased to make The Road Victims Trust our chosen charity throughout 2019 and to support this fundamentally worthy cause to help those that sadly have to experience a road death first hand.”

Find out more about the sterling and admirable work of the Road Victims Trust at their website here:

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