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DriveTech employee, Jodie Stirling, running 10k in October for Road Victims Trust

Following on from fellow employees’ charity fundraising this year, Jodie Stirling, Facilities Manager at DriveTech, has bravely committed to run in the Basingstoke Phillips 10k run on Sunday 6th October 2019. This is despite an aggravated knee injury that has persuaded Jodie to focus on the 10k and not the half marathon being run on the same day.

As with other DriveTech activity in 2019, Jodie is dedicating her fundraising to DriveTech’s chosen charity – the Road Victims Trust, and DriveTech have committed to support her own fund raising with match funding of up to £500.

It is an unbelievably valuable charity who work passionately and caringly to support the families and friends of individuals who have tragically died in road collisions.

Commenting on her commitment Jodie said: “I have experienced this type of grief when I was in College.  I had the call which still sends shivers down my spine that my friend Mindy had been involved in a road collision and died at the scene...  You cannot comprehend the feelings of disbelief, confusion and pain caused by such an incident.  That is why the Road Victims Trust means a lot to me around what it does, with supporting families and friends grieving as well as those who have experienced trauma and life changing events. Any support that you can give me both moral and monetary in the form of a donation would be gratefully appreciated.”

You can donate to Jodie’s run for the Road Victims Trust on her Just Giving page here:

And you can find out more about the sterling work of the Road Victims Trust here: