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DriveTech pleased to be at the National Safer Roads Partnerships' Conference 2018

DriveTech News

DriveTech pleased to have been at the National Safer Roads Partnerships’ Conference 2018

The DriveTech police contracts liaison were present at the National Safer Roads Partnerships’ Conference, organised by Road Safety Support and held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport, 26-27 September 2018.
DriveTech’s Steve Ryan and Ian Bint were on the DriveTech stand to discuss courses delivered on behalf of many of the UK’s police forces and to discuss any other potential support opportunities.  In addition, they also had more information on the range of products and services that DriveTech deliver to both UK and international fleets where driver training and driver risk management are recognised as being critical to success and sustainability.

The National Safer Roads Partnerships’ Conference is a significant national event that brings together professionals from road safety partnerships, police forces and local authorities.

Ian Bint from DriveTech said “It was a really good event and a great opportunity to meet with like-minded organisations to discuss and share road safety issues.”
DriveTech's Steve Ryan, said: "The event was a really excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded organisations, both Police and public services and other commercial businesses, to discuss issues affecting road safety and how to work together to achieve safer roads. Our thanks to go to Road Safety Support for their commitment and organisation."

Find out more about DriveTech's driver offender training programmes delivered in conjunction with Police Forces around the UK here, and find out more about products and services for the fleet driving community (to improve safety and reduce costs) here