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DriveTech team collectively supporting Project EDWARD again in 2019

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The DriveTech team are collectively supporting Project EDWARD again in 2019.
The campaign, themed around a European Day Without A Road Death taking place on the 26 September 2019, is a great way to emphasise the critical need to reduce road deaths and serious casualties on European roads and really helps to focus hearts and minds.
The programme encourages partners across Europe – from police organisations and other law enforcement agencies to commercial organisations and even members of the public – to support the campaign to concentrate on methods to reduce road casualties and deaths. This could embrace activity that includes road safety enforcement, education and engineering, and DriveTech are wholeheartedly committed in particular to the educational aspect – delivering driver training interventions and other driver risk management programmes to the business community and fleet drivers, and through speed awareness courses and the like to members of the public who have committed a driving offence.
Commenting on the campaign, Charlie Norman, lead Director at DriveTech said: “We are very happy to support this passionate campaign to reduce deaths on our roads across Europe. DriveTech train drivers in the UK, and in Europe through DriveTech International, and we therefore see some of these casualty statistics first hand dealing with our own client’s road safety programmes. We have encouraged our own staff members to personally sign up to the Project EDWARD pledge and I am proud to have pledged too”.

DriveTech’s official support for Project EDWARD is summarised in our video here, and Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing said: “ It is important to keep bringing road safety and avoidable road deaths back into sharp focus and place front of mind – not just on the 26 September but every day. So much of the time we see drivers slipping into bad habits, becoming careless and distracted behind the wheel. DriveTech are committed to changing the attitudes and behaviours of road users on a daily basis with its practical and effective driver risk management training interventions, and recognise that driving is a real skill for life – literally! Project EDWARD helps to reinforce this message and encourage better driving behaviour, and we thoroughly endorse the 2019 Project EDWARD campaign”.

You can find out more about this campaign and even sign a pledge yourself here:
To find out more about DriveTech’s range of occupational driver risk management and driver training products and services see here:
To find out more about DriveTech’s driver offender retraining courses delivered on behalf of police forces across the country click here: