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DriveTech, part of the AA, welcomes the review of roads policing

DriveTech News

Commenting on the DfT announcement this week around the government and Highways England review into roads policing in a bid to improve road safety, DriveTech offer its wholehearted support and welcome this review.
Des Morrison, Director Police & Public Sector Contracts at DriveTech said:
“We welcome the recent announcement of a forthcoming review of roads policing. It is well known that all public services are under resource pressure and it is evident that roads policing has faced significant resource challenges, with less visibility and prioritising of roads policing.
Shining a lens across all aspects of enforcement, gaps and what works most effectively in preserving road safety can only be positive.
We are now experiencing an increase in KSIs (killed and seriously injured) and an average of 5 deaths each day is five too many. Hopefully the review will point up best practice, encourage new initiatives and consider what we can learn from the best of Europe.
DriveTech are fully supportive of the review and are equally proud of how, together with our policing colleagues, we work in partnership to educate motorists and work to keep our roads safe”.