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New Driving for Work Brochure from DriveTech

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New Driving for Work Brochure from DriveTech 

Driving for work involves risk.  Driving is often the most dangerous work activity an employee will do. Businesses have an important part to play in helping to keep them safe - for legal, financial and moral reasons.

In 2016, (the last reported full year) around 44,000 people were killed or injured in collisions involving a driver or rider driving for work.

More than 500 were killed - the equivalent of 10 people every week. 30% of all road deaths in 2016 involved a driver or rider driving for work.

The risk can be minimised by implementing a fleet risk management programme that is tailored to the drivers and the vehicles they use - whether company, leased or privately-owned.
For more information about the DriveTech range of UK fleet driver risk management services click here, and use the Contact Us feature on those pages to get in touch and see how we can help you manage the safety and efficiency of your fleet drivers.


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