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Erratic driving indicated risk before £2.3 million Stagecoach fine

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Erratic driving indicated risk before £2.3 million Stagecoach fine

A bus driver in the Stagecoach Group who crashed into a supermarket in the Midlands in 2015, killing two people, has been charged, along with a £2.3 million fine imposed on the Company.

Stagecoach acknowledged that there had been indications of erratic driving before this tragic event, but warnings had not been enforced and almost immediately ignored.

The company has since “made several key changes”, including stronger controls on working hours and more medical testing for drivers.

"We cannot turn back the clock in this case, but we have done everything possible to learn lessons", commented Phil Medlicott, managing director of Midland Red (South) Ltd , part of Stagecoach. He said the company is “deeply sorry”.

This does highlight the crucial need to ensure businesses with driver communities have a robust and dynamic driver safety policy in place, including regular safety and driver assessments, to ensure risks are kept to a minimum and that any higher risk drivers are clearly identified and that training or other interventions are provided in a timely manner.

Commenting on this tragedy, Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing at DriveTech said: "Thankfully these high profile tragedies are not a daily occurence and most businesses have a real commitment to employee safety and a duty of care to all staff, including their drivers. However, there are still over 1,790 deaths in the UK per year, and over 170,000 casualties, not to mention the other costs (hidden and tangible) of collisions. Complacency and passive policies need to be brought into sharp focus with more regular and dynamic interventions, refreshers, and reminders to staff to drive carefully and, most importantly, safely."

Find out more about DriveTech’s range of driver risk management and training products and services here, and check out our DriveTech driving tips and advisories that can be shared with your driver communities here to help raise awareness and encourage safe driving practices.

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