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Eye-test clampdown for drivers

DriveTech News

Eye test clamp down for drivers. DriveTech include on-the-road eye checks prior to driver training interventions

Police Forces in Thames Valley, Hampshire and West Midlands are running a campaign during September on driver vision, revoking the licence of anyone who can’t read a number plate from 20 metres (five car lengths).

There are believed to be around 1.5 million UK licence holders who have never had an eye test, with defective eyesight causing 2,900 casualties every year on the road.
Three police forces in England are part of a trial, and the data collected will be used to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of poor driver eyesight on UK roads - as it is believed to be underreported currently.

A recent survey commissioned by Vision Express showed that 75 per cent want a recent eye test to be mandatory when renewing a driving licence. Currently, it falls to car drivers to inform the DVLA if they have any eyesight problems, with the only mandatory examination taking place during the practical part of the driving test. However, the police do have the power to revoke a licence via the DVLA if it is felt that the driver poses a risk to other road users.

DriveTech check driver's vision with the 20-metre number plate check prior to any of our driver training interventions, so this is part of our procedure to make sure we deliver helpful and effective driver training and advice. In addition, we include a reference to the importance of eye-sight checking on our online FleetRiskManager assessment and training portal. If you haven't already done this, DriveTech recommend fleet operators and driver managers remind your own driver communities of this essential requirement and to get their eyesight checked if they haven't had this done recently.

Check out our DriveTech advisory eye-sight and good visibility in car, "See and Be Seen!", here and find out more about our range of occupational driver training programmes here.