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Global Chemical Company - Worldwide Safe Driving Programme

Case Studies

Global organisations value the safety of employees and recognise their duty of care regarding to driver safety. As an example, DriveTech has successfully implemented a global safe driving programme for a multinational in the chemical sector. It has activities in more than 80 countries, and over 45,000 employees. It now runs a Safe Driving Program, comprising around 18,000 company drivers. In 2015, it engaged DriveTech to roll out the safe driving training for those employees driving over 20,000 kilometres for business purposes per year.

"The safety of our staff is paramount. We are committed that our company not only demonstrates its desire to improve work-related road safety, but also proactively manages that risk out of our business. The DriveTech programme enables us to achieve just that and I am most pleased to work together with DriveTech on this important global initiative.”
Global HSE Manager at a chemical company

The Challenge

Driving had been identified as one of the most hazardous work-related activities that colleagues undertake. Accordingly, improving work related road safety for the employees is a high priority and is key for improving occupational health and safety. Locally managed trainings meant a lot of administrative work and reinventing the wheel per country, therefore change was required. In about 50 countries, the company expressed the ambition to engage all company drivers in a standardised defensive driving training.
This company wanted a global programme that:
  • Is consistent across the globe with a think global, act local approach
  • Improves driver safe behaviour and decreases the risk of collisions
  • Can be managed and monitored through one system globally

The solution 

DriveTech’s established network made it possible for the chemical company to design and implement a tailored global safe driving programme. The programme is executed in the local language and adjusted to the local culture, legislation and regulations. A behavioural based and driver specific training programme on the same standard for every company driver in the world. The final programme includes a range of online and practical training interventions to ensure that its commitment and the duty of care for the safety of its staff is sustained. A programme to cover all ‘at work’ drivers, including grey fleet, company car & LCV drivers
The Global Safe Driving Programme designed by DriveTech comprises: 
  • Online Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver specific & behavioural based on-road driver training
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Driver Performance Assessment
  • Monitoring progress in bi-weekly reports and meetings

The Benefits

In 2015, programme inception took place in Northern Europe and it was implemented simultaneously in a phased approach in 4 continents around the world. In recognition of its duty of care responsibilities to its staff, business partners and customers, the company is making significant progress to ensure that staff are not only aware of road safety risks, but are coached in behavioural safety to remain safe behind the wheel both professionally and privately. In 2016 DriveTech has trained around 4000 of their drivers and will sustain the programme for the years to come. A clear, credible and objective risk survey detailing remedial actions.



Singe supplier worldwide

Consistent methodology

Focused on driver behaviour

Consolidated data and reporting

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