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Grace Period For Acceptance Of Old Licence Checking Driver Mandates

DriveTech News

Grace Period for Acceptance of Old Licence Checking Driver Mandates Ended on 25 August 2018
Following the DVLA’s replacement of their driver licence checking consent mandate to a new fair processing declaration, a change driven by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on the 25 May, the grace period of three months for acceptance of the old mandates by the DVLA ended on Saturday 25 August.
From this date, automated driving licence checks will not be possible unless an updated GDPR-compliant driver permission has been obtained for further checks to take place. For DriveTech customers, this means using a new FP30 fair processing declaration form, and not our now defunct DP20 mandate form for all drivers.
DriveTech have been alerting customers to this change to manage the re-signing of drivers as they come close to their next due licence check, and have been alerting all licence-check customers to actively switch them from using the old, and now not acceptable, DP20 form onto the new FP30 equivalent.
Chris Thornton, Sales Director at DriveTech, commented: “Whilst most organisations have been impacted in one way or another by the new GDPR regulations that came into force in May, it is a particularly substantial task to obtain new licence-check fair processing declaration forms from all of our customer’s drivers. We have been keen to support our customers to manage this transition effectively as it has a significant compliance implication for all business drivers.”
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