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Haiden Evans aka ChickenMan joins Jodie Stirling in Basingstoke 10k run

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Haiden Evans, a member of the finance team at DriveTech, should perhaps know better and certainly should not count his chickens before they’ve hatched. However, in a fit of poultry enthusiasm, and stimulated by Jodie Stirling’s lead in running in the Basingstoke 10k in October, Haiden has followed suit, literally.
Dressed as a chicken, Haiden will attempt the 10k run despite many of his DriveTech colleagues thinking he doesn’t even have a wing and a prayer chance of completing the challenge. Clucking about his new identity for the run, Haiden commented:
“I saw Jodie take the lead, almost like a mother hen, but I wanted to egg her on and scramble into the competition. On a more hard-boiled, serious note I wanted to do something to help DriveTech raise more money for the Road Victims Trust. It won’t be as much a question of ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ as “Why did Haiden run the road as a modern day road-runner lookalike and get more kind donators to shell out and raise money?’.

The truly serious bit behind this fun fund raise: The Road Victims Trust is a truly valuable charity who work passionately and caringly to support the families and friends of individuals who have tragically died in road collisions.
You can now donate to support Haiden/ChickenMan in the run at his Just Giving page here:
You can also still donate to Jodie’s run (or donate to both) for the Road Victims Trust on her Just Giving page here:
And you can find out more about the sterling work of the Road Victims Trust here: