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Leaseplan International Case Study

Case Studies

Leaseplan International

"Together with DriveTech, LeasePlan can help clients improve the road safety of their employees whilst reducing fleet costs as well as their carbon footprint."

LeasePlan International is a division of LeasePlan, one of the world’s leading service providers for fleet leasing and management with over 1.5 million cars worldwide. It specialises in serving multinational companies with large international fleets. They have the ability to develop, implement and manage a comprehensive global fleet plan to ensure the effective operation of their client’s fleets. Combining its global experience and local expertise of 33 country offices they deliver results on HQ, local and driver level. Being committed to delivering continuous innovation in products and services they are also committed to assist companies with implementing road safety programmes.

Focus on Health, Safety and Environment

Recognising the growing attention on sustainability and safety, LeasePlan wants to support clients decreasing fleet risk, improving driver safety and helping drivers enjoy a safe journey in a cost-effective way. Fleet management is no longer just focussed on vehicle optimisation. Nowadays it is equally important to focus on safety, employee well-being and greenhouse gas emissions. This trend triggers the need for cross-functional projects where Fleet Managers and people from HSE work closely together.


LeasePlan started partnering with DriveTech in 2009, when DriveTech had already established a global driver safety programme including fleet risk management services for multinational organisations. The programme consisted of behavioural-based driver training and interventions for drivers monitored via a comprehensive management information system on a global, local and individual level.

Driver Interventions

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Individual on-road Driver Training
  • SAFE E-learning modules
  • Safe Driving Newsletters

 Company Interventions

  • Optimisation of company car policy for driver safety
  • Implementing an Active Prevention Plan
  • Management workshops
  • Monitoring progress and results through DriveTech’s online portal 


LeasePlan has built a proposition called SafePlan to support clients in actively managing the risks in the area or road safety. SafePlan is an integral part of LeasePlan’s insurance programme. “We were already able to offer an appropriate and cost effective motor insurance. And as leasing company we make sure that, in case of an accident, vehicles are well and quickly repaired. With SafePlan we now have tools to actively prevent accidents from happening”. It shows LeasePlan cares about their drivers, community and takes its responsibility to promote safe driving combined with significant cost saving opportunities for its clients.

Together DriveTech and LeasePlan are continuously working together on improving driver safety and reducing fleet costs.