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New learner drivers on motorways welcomed by DriveTech

DriveTech News

New learner drivers on motorways welcomed by DriveTech
In addition to the positive reception from our colleagues in the AA Charitable Trust given to the new law change to allow learner drivers onto motorways from the 4 June, DriveTech endorse this move enthusiastically.
Not only does this make total sense to ensure inexperienced learner drivers get exposure to a key facet of the UK road landscape, helping to build confidence and introduce them to the different behaviours and perhaps most importantly higher speeds on motorways, it seems long overdue.
The motorway network is a critical route network for business drivers – whether in cars, vans, trucks or other more specialist heavy vehicles – and poor behaviours such as middle lane hogging – can stay with drivers for the rest of their driving ‘careers’, and specifically well into their business lives – if an adequate education is not presented early.
In addition to the AA Charitable Trust initiative to offer young drivers the opportunity for £20,000 of funded motorway courses, DriveTech are also at hand and can offer business customers on-road driver training to focus on motorway driving as part of their overall commitment to risk reduction and driver risk management.
Chris Thornton, Sales Director DriveTech, commented: “We see some of the worst behaviours on Britain’s motorways – from tailgating to middle lane hogging, inappropriate use of excessive speed, and uncertainty joining and leaving the network at junctions. This can often be borne out of a fundamental lack of early on-road experience. We support any initiative that helps make motorways better understood and safer for all users. And for all of the current experienced motorway users – many of whom are travelling for business needs - we encourage an open-minded “share the road” mentality and recognise that this new learning facility is an important rite of passage to be a better, safer driver which will help us all in the long run.”