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They did it!! Colin, Kate & Haiden completed the London NightRider event

DriveTech News

Congratulations to Colin, Kate & Haiden who completed the London NightRider event overnight on the 8/9th June. Collectively they have raised £1060 for the Road Victims Trust (RVT) - DriveTech’s charity of 2019.
DriveTech are delighted to support this worthy charity, with the funds helping support the charity's sterling work in supporting the families and loved ones of those who are sadly and tragically killed in road collisions.
Here are a few pictures of them at the start, and a picture of the medal they all received:

Seeing them all walk in slightly gingerly on Monday, here is what they had to say about the event:
Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing said “I thoroughly enjoyed the event - couldn't believe how lively London was at 4am. Kate and Haiden were great company - go team DriveTech! I am aching everywhere now, but it was all worthwhile."
Kate White, Internal Account Manager remarked “I survived. It was a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but it was worth it, to raise money for such a good cause. I won’t be going near a bike again any time soon!!”
Haiden Evans, Finance Analyst commented “Luckily the weather held out for a beautiful and at time (surprisingly) tranquil cycle ride around London – thanks to Colin and Kate for getting me involved, it was a blast. I encourage those who are interested in raising money for good causes to join in next year; let’s go for the 100km! Also, a massive thank you to everyone that has supported my funding so far (though it’s not too late to help get me closer to my target!)”
Now you have proof they completed the event, you can still sponsor them at their respective Just Giving fundraising pages which are here, and all contributions and encouragement is really appreciated and gratefully received: 

Find out more about the Road Victims Trust and their sterling, and dedicated, work on their website here: